We make amazing software.

Oxford Source is simply a company which looks to create applications that involve thinking ahead. It’s about looking for technological advancements that hold the future in commerce, science and art.

We research our projects to the point where they stand out and make a difference in each field. Whether it is for our clients or ourselves, it is in our best interest to equally endeavour in making it work.


TEOTI - the web app

TEOTI is a forum which has been re-energised into the current trends of modern web applications. It keeps you up to date on who’s saying what instantly and as it happens. As a registered user you can style the site to look how you want and that style is applied to your own blog page. The web app of TEOTI utilises websocket technology to create this information via Node.JS. This means that when you are looking at an article the comments about it update instantly and when you’re not it notifies you if you liked it or commented on it. But what happens if you’re not on the site?

Hutchinson Mogg Pro Rhythm

We sat with Chris just over a few months ago with the ambition to give him what he wants. Chris is a professional musician for hire who plays both bass and drums equally as part of his business, so we took that on board to make a site that is simple, details and visualises exactly who he is and works on all platforms with crisp high definition images and design: hutchinsonmogg.com

Ava House / The Winston Guesthouse

In August we met with the owner of both properties on arranging to make two good, strong, modern and simple websites for each that gave a striking and unique design with clear functionality and all the details for booking and high resolution attractive photography necessary for a guest to feel tempted to stay. Please do have a look at Ava House and The Winston Guesthouse.

TEOTI - Mobile App

This is where TEOTI is taken a step further. The mobile app updates the registered user on new articles of interest with push notifications - they are live messages sent from our server to the Google server to be sent directly to your phone. The app also allows the user to share images directly from their phone so you can submit your galleries to the site and even lets you share an article straight from the browser. The app scrapes information from the page you selected and populates your article with a title, content and an image of your choice to be submitted to the live site. You can try it out here.

Timezup - the talking timer

The project was designed to be kept very simple. This is an android application with 8 squares for the user to select from. When pressed, the user is prompted the name of a task and it’s duration. A colour is assigned to the selected square and immediately starts counting down, and when complete, the app users the text to speech API to alert the user with the name of the task repeatedly. As mentioned, this was meant to be kept simple, but it is a good example of our clear thinking. You can find it on the Google Play store here.


Web apps...

What do you really need to know? The purpose of HTML5 is to allow you to do what you want with a web page. Oxford Source do everything we can to research every avenue of web technology to give you the answers to your questions, whether it is a drag and drop shopping cart on your phone to a robot controlled by your tablet over the internet.

Mobile apps...

They're everywhere. But what do you want them to do? We can help explain what can be done with real world examples and ideas to not only create the app you want but also make it grow into something very powerful and outstanding. It could alert your team if your office is broken into, and give you an instant video feed from the building or you could create panoramic images and videos of local properties. We have done the work to make these kinds of things possible.

Live data...

What is it? Web sites and applications are no longer simply action: reaction; you click something, it does something. Now you can just sit back and look at streams of the latest news in video or text format as they are fed to you live, as they happen. We have experimented with every avenue of this technology, only in it’s infancy, to bring you ideas such as live stats for your restaurant kitchen or group chat with your colleagues with your data on your network.


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